As you  readers know, I am an avid fitness freak. I run, I weight lift, I swim, and bike. These activities are strenuous and taxing on my body. Every week, I try to get at the LEAST 5-6 workouts day in. Their are also numerous day’s where I don’t want to work out.


So…I asked my fitness trainer what I can do to give me energy.

Her recommendations for me

1. Get adequate sleep and rest the night before

2. Eat a carb heavy meal before you go to bed

3. Make sure to have a 15-30g of protein in the morning (drink a protein shake or chicken breast)

4. Use pre workout if necessary (make sure to cycle, 3 weeks on, 1 week off. Your body gets tolerant to these supplements so this is the logic behind that)


There are tons of great supplements, drinks, and pre workout for women that are available. I’ve been using FitMiss for women over these last few months. I am not going to lie…these pre workout drinks have been a god send! After taking a scoop or two (depending on how tired I am) I feel electrified! I get this rush of energy that I can feel throughout my entire body. I can run faster, lift more, bike further, and workout harder and for a longer time span.


Despite all of these workout benefits, you have to be careful when purchasing or using these supplements. Many of the pre workouts that are particular for women are unregulated for the FDA. My trainer told me that there are many brands that don’t use healthy ingredients, especially for women who are more suspectibale to the nasty effects. If you end up buying some pre workout supplements on the internet, make sure to LOOK at the label, check out the ingredients and do some google searches to make sure they are okay to ingest in your body!


I was also told that the drinks can lead to a stimulate addiction. For this reason, it is best to pick the brands and products that aren’t loaded with caffeine and beta alanine. No more than 200 mg of caffeine per serving is the threshold. If the pre workout exceeds that, I wouldn’t purchase it.


Joint Health2569503808_01a4b875de_o

I’ve also been taking fish-oil supplements religiously these last few months. I had some joint and muscle aches that I believed resulted from improper lifting techniques that have been bothering me lately. To help alleviate this, I’ve been taking about 2-3 fish oil pills a day. I noticed great results after a week of taking them. I get less pain, and it feels like my joints and muscle are more lubricated. A great analogy is like how a car needs oil for the engine. Think of your body as the engine and the fish oil and the oil.


Anyway, those are some updates on what products I’ve been taking to help me me optimize my workouts. I encourage you guys to take some of my advice from this article. Let me know if you experience the same results as I did!



Diet and Exercise Tips to Maximize Weight Loss at Home

The easiest way to start any weight loss program is by counting calories and keeping a daily food journal of everything consumed during the course of the day. The concept is simple. In order to lose weight, individual calorie intake must be less than calories burned. Keeping a daily food journal allows an individual to see exactly what he or she is eating and how much.To some, this food journal can lead to staggering revelation, especially if fast-food is consumed.

Standard nutritional guidelines recommend that people get fewer than 30% of their daily calories from fat. For the average 2000-calorie diet, this means eating less than 60 grams of fat each day. The average value meal consisting of a burger, fries and a soda has over 1000 calories and over 60 grams of fat in that single meal.

Over the last decade, fast-food restaurants and dining establishments have not only increased their prices but also their portion sizes to make the consumer feel like they are getting their money’s worth. Continual daily intake of such meals and portions comes with a, “price,” far out-weighing the value.

In the last 20 years, obesity among Americans has risen at an epidemic rate according to the FDA.

Many of these same overweight and obese individuals also suffer from diabetes

The American Diabetes Association reports that 7.8% of all Americans have diabetes and over 5 million of them do not know it!

These statistics are a wake-up call for America.
New Year’s Resolutions & Weight Loss Goals
Don’t make a New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight this year. Instead, choose to make a lifestyle change. Lose the weight and keep it off for good.
America is eating too much !

Make Life-Style Change

There are many online tools available to keep track of daily intake.Some providecalorie counters, free diet personal profiles and a places to log and keep daily food jornals. Simply write in what has been eaten and the calories will be listed.

Choose Healthy Whole Foods.
Counting calories and not exceeding daily limits can and probably will cause weight loss, but making some changes to one’s eating habits may maximize results.

Avoid sugar, especially sugary drinks like soda. Sugar triggers the hunger mechanisms of the brain and increase the production of glucose and the release of insulin into the blood stream. This not causes hunger but can cause highs and lows in energy levels and make daily exercise a struggle mentally.

Choose whole foods that are not processed and contain no added fats, sugar, or salt. Fruits and Vegtables should be eaten raw or prepared simply without extra fats. Whenever fats are used, they should be healthy fats — not saturated or trans fat. Choose whole grains that are less refined and have at least 2 grams of fiber per serving of bread or 5 grams of fiber per serving of cereal, with no more than 5 grams of sugar. Protein choices include lean meat or fish, vegetarian protein, or low-fat dairy.

Be More Active

Any form of movement burns calories. Even if no intentional exercise is performed, the average body will use up over 30% of it’s daily calorie intake maintaining normal body functions.

Counting calories, making better food choices and combining diet with exercise for at least 20 minutes a day, 3X a week, over time, will help boost metabolism, burn fat, and increase muscle strength and endurance. Over time, individuals who are persistent and see results will find they can eat more because they are burning more calories due to decreased fat in the body and increased muscle mass.

For every pound of muscle mass gained, one can burn an additional 50 calories a day.

In the beginning stage of any program, individuals should check with their local physician to make sure the plan is safe for the participant. Daily calorie levels are set and a balancing game begins between calories in and calories out. It is critical that calorie levels are not lowered too far below what is healthy.

According to WebMD, the popular TV show, Biggest Loser, uses a calculated formula of 6 multiplied by a person’s weight to determine a person’s daily calorie intake. For example: A person weighing 200 pounds would consume no more than 1200 calories a day at the beginning level, and would try to burn more than that in a day with their daily exercise routine. As the individual loses weight, that number is re-calculated to lower calorie consumption and continue weight loss progress.

Find a variety of activities that will be motivating and rewarding but not hard to commit to. Start a walking program. It may help to have a walking companion or rhythmic music to listen to while walking.Lift weights to lose weight. Start small and build slowly for resistance training. Begin an aerobic routine. Just keep moving. As progress is made, increase exercise time and the intensity of the exercise to continue seeing results.

Make Healthy Living a Way of LifeLearning to count calories, make wiser food choices and increase strength and endurance with daily activity will help achieve weight lossgoals. But why stop there? The key to life-long weight loss is not only reaching the goal but maintaining the goal once reached by continuing to make wise food choices and incorporate daily exercise into your daily routines. Losing weight and keeping it off becomes not just a short or long term goal. It becomes a life-changing way of life.

The Best Beverages for Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Eating the proper foods is one way to aid weight loss. However, adding the right beverages to a balanced diet can help weight loss and lead to a healthier lifestyle.

The majority of dieters concern themselves only with what foods they include in their everyday lifestyle. Meals and snacks are moderated, exercise incorporated and sometimes even supplements are taken to help achieve weight moss goals and maintain a healthy body weight. However, something that is often overlooked when it comes to losing weight is the fluids that go along with the food.

Alcohol, coffee, soda and certain juices have a high calorie content and unconsciously including them or increasing the intake of such beverages into an otherwise healthy diet can hinder weight loss and even cause weight gain. Swapping drinks like these for drinks that have a lower calorie content and promote good health and weight loss.


The most important and beneficial beverage to weight loss is plain water. Keeping properly hydrated throughout the day by drinking the required six to eight glasses of water a day can decrease appetite and keep the body feeling fuller for longer. Water is calorie free and is a fantastic metabolism booster as dehydration and the associated fatigue can slow down the metabolism. In addition to this, drinking cold water has been proven to help weight loss as the body burns calories and fat in order to heat up the water. One can burn up to 150 extra calories a day by drinking eight glasses of cold water. Branded flavoured water such as Skinny Water, contain antioxidants and vitamins that act as appetite suppressants.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the best drinks for promoting weight loss. Packed full of powerful antioxidants such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) found in green tea increase metabolism and as a result, weight loss is accelerated. Antioxidants and caffeine in green tea also help fat to be released into the bloodstream and used as body fuel thus resulting in an increased level of body fat being burned, an increase in energy levels and the shedding of excess water.

Given that exercise is a principal element of losing weight, boosting energy so that exercise can be undertaken for longer periods can be achieved by drinking green tea. Because the catechin polyphenols found in green tea heighten the usage of fatty acids thus reducing the amount of carbohydrate used. This means that energy is sustained and one can exercise for longer.


One mistake that dieters make is limiting the amount of milk they drink or switching full-fat or semi-skimmed with skimmed milk. The fact is that milk contains key vitamins, mineral and nutrients essential for good health. Cutting out milk and dairy means that the intake of calcium into the body would be dramatically reduced. As calcium increases the breakdown of fats in fat cells, reducing the amount of milk in one’s diet could lead to the amount of fat in the body increasing. That being said, it isn’t advisable to drastically increase the intake of milk and other dairy as this could lead to weight gain but drinking milk in moderation is a good way to boost weight loss.


Smoothies are a fantastic beverage to add to your diet if achieving weight loss is your goal. Fruit smoothies are easy to make and can be topped up with granola and other fibre sources which expand in the stomach, maintaining the feeling of fullness and dramatically reducing your appetite. Fibre also helps move food through the body, meaning that fewer calories are absorbed into the body. Not only do smoothies have a low calorie content but they are also low in fat making them a valuable addition to your diet.

Vegetable Juice
The main advantage of vegetable juice in aiding weight loss is that it suppresses the appetite. Drinking a glass of vegetable juice before meals reduces the amount of food eaten during the meal, leading to a reduced number of calories being ingested thus helping weight loss.

Protein Drinks

Because the body uses more calories digesting protein than it does carbohydrates or fats, drinking protein drinks such as shakes is a good way of speeding up weight loss. Protein also helps you feel more full and for longer, resulting in less food intake. In addition to this, protein builds muscles and the more muscle you have in your body, the more calories you will burn, even when static.

The best way to bring about weight loss is by maintaining a balanced diet, cutting out the fattier foods from your daily meals and taking regular exercise. However, by including one or more of the above drinks, you could see results just that little bit faster than before!

Counting calories provides a weight loss strategy that can help you cut down on your calorie intake to promote weight loss as a natural weight loss regimen.

Reading the scale gives a better awareness on how much one may weigh but not all know that they could easily estimate how much weight they could possibly gain or lose by counting calories. The simple equation would be the more calories one takes the more weight they gain and the lesser calories one eats from their daily diet, the more they can lose weight. Counting calories will give the leeway to easily estimate how much weight one could gain or lose from their daily food intake.

Counting Calories to Lose Weight

There are many forms of weight loss regimens involving various forms of diet available but they all get down to the bottom of reducing calorie intake in order to reduce the storage of fats in the body. Calories are the main source of energy to support the body’s daily functioning. It is present in carbohydrates, proteins and fats. About four grams of calories are present in carbohydrates and proteins while fats contain roughly about nine grams of calories, according to Betsy Klein, RD who is a renowned dietitian.

Counting calories allows one to monitor their caloric intake, which helps control the average amount of calories that the body needs to fuel it with energy to carry out the body’s daily activities. If the goal is to lose weight, one needs to understand that 3,500 calories equals to one pound of fat. In order to lose one pound one needs to cut down 3,500 calories off their diet. Suppose one wants to lose one pound a week, they can estimate by cutting down 500 calories a day from the diet. That’s 500 calories x 7 days = 3,500 calories (equal to one pound). Counting calories does not need to be a complicated arithmetic to do.

Burn Down the Fats

Calories are either converted to produce physical energy supply to the body or they are stored as fats. Stored fats are the culprits for the excess baggage of fats in the body and unless they gets burned, they will remain as it is – stored, unwanted, bulging fats. It is possible to burn off fats by doing simple exercises that will require the body more calories to burn to sufficiently support the energy expenditure demands to carry out physical activities. But burning off calories may not result to weight loss if one does not exercise healthy food choices that involve a low calorie diet. Getting into the habit of reading the labels on nutrition facts is a good complement with the goal of losing weight by counting calories.

Why Count Calories?

The body needs calorie supplies for energy but excessive caloric intake can cause unwanted fat build ups. While it is difficult to accurately count calories from our food intake, awareness of the amount of calories present in the food we eat can relatively give substantial guide on how much fats one will possibly gain and lose to manage weight.


Hello Ladies and Gents! Its Saturday and its a beautiful day today here in New Jersey (or Dirty Jersey as some like to call it). Todays topic of conversation will be Calorie Counting. If you read my post from yesterday, I discussed burning calories.

This kind of approach towards food is kind of new to me. In the past I would always think that counting calories was too much work. I figured it was bad enough that I was on a diet, I didn’t want to have to do work on top of it and track anything. It wasnt until, my many failed attempts at becoming healthy, that I realized I needed to try something different because all the other stuff would work for the first 10 pounds and then I would gain 15 back. (Grrr!)

Now, when I began my “NEW” weight loss journey back in April, I knew it had to start with a new mindset. I couldnt go into this journey like I did the others and think that this was going to be a quick fix. I needed to come to the realization that this is a lifestyle change. This will be something I have to deal with the rest of my life. In order for me to finally be successful and continue to be successful, I needed to find something that I can do for years to come. Whether it be for losing weight or for maintenance (if I ever actually get to that point–lol). So, thanks to the wonderful world wide web, I did some research and decided to give this whole “Calorie Counting” thing a chance.

At first it was a bit annoying because I would never even consider reading a label before I would eat something. Then once I got past that stage it started to become a bit monotonous. A bit boring but I still stuck with it. Then once I got through that stage, it started to become second nature. Finally!!! I feel like im at the point where I either:count

  • already know the caloric value of the foods i’m eating
  • am more conscious of the food I decide to eat
  • I want to make better choices of the calories I decide to consume
  • do not fall victim to “empty” calories

This has truly become part of my life and is something I can do for years to come. It has helped me lose 25 pounds and I went from wearing a size 18/20 to buying my first pair of 14 capris last week. Woohoo! Its a slow process but if this is a lifestyle change I don’t want to rush it. I have a long and healthy life ahead of me and I want to enjoy every little bit of it and calorie counting is allowing me to do that.

So, in closing, I finally found something that works for me and that I don’t mind doing. In my opinion, You can count on Counting Calories. Hope everyone has a beautiful and healthy day and I will blog to you later! xoxoxo

Hello my magnificent followers/bloggers. Todays topic will be about whether or not I will become a vegetarian. I have been thinking about it for a while now and I started doing some research yesterday. I didn’t realize all the different “types” of vegetarians there are. After looking at all the “types” I think I found the one that best suits my lifestyle and that is a Lacto-ovo-vegetarian. For those of you who are reading that thinking HUH?? It means that I wont eat any type of meat or fish but will still consume milk and eggs. I still haven’t decided 100% whether or not this will work out for me but I think im going to give it a trial run. Maybe for 1 month. One of my biggest obstacles will be my husband. Im not, in any way shape or form, expecting my husband to become a vegetarian along with me.300px-Vegetarian_diet
 He is very much a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy. My issue is that he doesn’t like any kind of vegetables at all. Potato is about the extent of his vegetable intake. I dont want to have to be cooking 2 different meals every night to accommodate. I have enough trouble cooking 1 meal everyday. Dont get me wrong, I dont despise being in the kitchen but it isnt my choice area of the house. Now, if i just suck it up and decide to cook 2 different meals every night, I don’t know that I would have enough self control sitting at dinner and watching my husband eating a piece of succulent chicken breast while I eat my salad. UGH! Im finding myself in a little bit of a pickle here–lol.
Well, in closing, im hoping there is a vegetarian out there that may have a similar situation in their lives that can give me some advice. I really want to give this a try. It actually wouldnt be too much a lifestyle change because I enjoy vegetables very much and the only form of meat I eat is chicken and occasionally some turkey. I havent eaten red meat or pork in quite some time. Not a huge fan at all. Hmmmm! Thanks again for your time and thank you in advance for any advice you might throw my way. Hope you all have a happy and healthy day! I will blog to you later! xoxoxo

At thirty-one, I can finally turn down over-sugared starches like donuts. But when I was twenty-five, I survived on Ramen noodles, fast food, and coffee.  For dinner in college, I’d eat an entire bag of tortilla chips with a can of red kidney beans. In high school, I gorged on Hostess treats. Yes, gorged.As a child, I was hungry all the time. For years, I resented her — the young version of myself — for being so needy and helpless. My older sister and I lived in a Wichita trailer park with our mom who worked three jobs.I remember the ravenous feeling, the stomach caving in upon itself, the dread of hunger.  I always worried about when I’d eat next. My problem — or should I say complicated relationship — with food began when I was in grade school, wearing handmade clothes I’d watch my mother cut and sew.


Once I start eating, I sometimes can’t stop. On my twenty-fourth birthday, I took home a dozen left-over donuts from work and ate them all, one after the other, while sitting on the living room floor of my one-bedroom apartment.

I’ve been afraid of and consumed by food all my life. I eat when I’m not hungry. I eat because I can, because there’s still this worry inside me of going hungry. It’s amazing the power our fearful and wanting inner child has over the adult.

Every day, I remind myself that I’m not that hungry little girl anymore. Or the lonely high school bookworm. Or the broke college student. I’m not even the same person who carried home a dozen donuts on her birthday.

So, what changed? I did. Not overnight. Not instantaneously and definitely not easily. Rather, I believed — finally, even for a fleeting moment — that my past does not have to define me. And I listened to the kind internal voice telling me that each day – this day! – can be, if I choose, a new day to be happy and to value myself. That affirmation, as quiet as it was, was louder and stronger than my yearning for pastries and salty french fries.

I never believed I was beautiful. Only smart. I loved my mind. Growing up, I nourished and respected it. I considered myself to be a thinker and a writer. But you can’t be singular, one part of a magnificent whole. By only accepting my mind, I was rejecting my body and declaring to myself it was not important enough to care about. I was wrong.

Past is Prologue, Forward is Now

After years of starving (figuratively and sometimes literally), I woke up to find a gorgeous Phoenix day outside my bedroom window. I marveled at what my life had become. How far I had traveled, from Wichita and Oklahoma to sunny Phoenix, from an insecure teen to a tentatively self-assured woman living in hug-proximity to my father. And while I despised what I saw in the mirror — a body I had disowned; a body I had betrayed — I was determined to love my body and be happy with myself. Finally.

I joined a gym. I worked with a personal trainer. I recorded every calorie and morsel of food I ate for 10 months straight. Even on Thanksgiving, I measured my portions and turned down seconds.  By doing so, I was able to learn about food, about the nourishment I needed, about what my hunger was really about, about who really had the power in my relationship with food.

It took me years to realize that my relationship with food wasn’t about food. (Is it ever?) It was about love.

For years, I felt unwanted, invisible. I had no self-worth. Love was conditional. I misbehaved. I lived in my imagination and found escape in books. I was lonely.  I had by circumstance and fear, isolated myself. I didn’t want to face the truth: My life was loveless. The only time I felt truly happy was when I was eating.

No one ever taught me about nutrition or explained why exercise is important — and I had yet to hold myself accountable. Even when playing basketball in high school and college. Even when I ran miles upon miles to drop the pounds because I was caught in a yo-yo trapeze act of trying to desperately help myself.

I had yet to discover how liberating and happy life can be when you put yourself first, when you value both your body and mind, and when you nourish yourself emotionally. I had yet to learn the tools needed to really understand what it means to be healthy, or make healthy choices for my body and my self-esteem.

On that sunny Phoenix morning, I vowed to love myself that day and every day after. That was my first – and most important – step. With devotion, time, and a very supportive network of family and friends, I changed my diet, began to better understand my food choices, realized how exercise influences my energy levels and happiness, reconnected with family, found financial balance, and finally – ecstatically – felt loved.

7 Lessons & Values I Learned

1. Knowledge is power. When you know what your body needs to feel satiated, you can give it the right kind of nutrients – hugs included. Sure, it’s not easy. But it matters. Pay attention to your energy levels, your cravings, your emotions, what motivates you, and the way your body and mind feel throughout the day.

2. Honor yourself. Give praise for the time you take to nourish, replenish, rest, and love yourself. Be proud that you have the privilege of being your biggest fan and best friend. It really is an honor to love yourself so unconditionally. It’s a gift you deserve.

3. Everything matters. Every bite. Every moment of mindfulness. Every choice you make. Each extra step taken. Every second of physical activity. They all matter. Above everything, YOU matter.

4. Be present. Be aware and be present in each moment. Open your eyes. Marvel. In the here and now, stand proud in your bones, your muscles, your emotions, your thoughts.

5. Understand what fuels you. For me, it wasn’t food. Stuffing donuts down my throat wasn’t the solution. Love was. Surrounding myself with family that loved me in Phoenix was. Learning how to turn negative self-talk into positive was. Accepting that I was worthy and deserving of unconditional love was. And celebrating my talents and giving myself room to be imperfect was.

6. Let love in. Embrace friendships and new relationships. Take a chance on romance. Exchange hugs and laughter. Let people love you, and express your love to others. Tell yourself you are worthy of love. It really does make the world go ‘round, at least for me.

7. Forgive yourself. You’re not perfect. Your past does not define you. It’s okay to stumble. Be kind to yourself, and give yourself the gift of forgiveness. For me, I am still learning how to forgive my always-hungry inner child, and I finally know that telling her she’s not going to starve (“you’re important and I won’t forget you”) is all she needs to feel loved.

Present Day, Working To Help Others

As the Social Media Manager at MeYou Health, I am the the face — and words — behind our company’s Twitter and Facebook presence , and the main point of contact for customer support. Talking with and getting to know each and every fan, follower and member is the best part of my role here.

I’m thrilled to be part of a well-being company creating products like Daily Challenge that give people the power — the way, the knowledge and the social support — in which they can change and improve their well-being one small daily action at a time – like climbing more stairs or drinking more water.

Because if you choose carrot sticks over cookies today as your snack, I believe that small, mindful decision is really a big victory worth celebrating!  We each have the power to make those small-yet-awesome decisions to create our own personal success stories we can be proud of and share with others.

If I’ve learned anything through my own journey, it’s that you are the author of your own life. So do yourself a favor today and every day: Be kind to yourself. Remind yourself of all the love you deserve, and find out what you truly want to be. For me, it was always about love — being loved and loving others. Let’s all take the time and make those hard-yet-healing steps toward creating the change and the life we desire and deserve.